Teddy Meets Violet and Other Important People

A special first visit took place on Saturday.  Teddy got to meet the members of his extended family.  Violet is a hundred pound Shiloh Shepherd who lives with Evan, Tammy , Maddie, and Robbie in Indianapolis.  Even though it was chilly out,  Teddy was up for the adventure.

Kids, dogs and puppies.

Not much more fun than to watch kids play with a puppy.  Unless it is to watch a puppy play with a dog 10 times his size.  After lots of hugs and play,   Teddy got to chase Violet.  The two had, in fact, three separate play times.

In round one, Teddy chased Violet around.  At one point, Teddy clamped onto Violet’s  tail.  Without a noise Violet just trotted off with Teddy flying behind her.  Violet finally flipped her tail and Teddy dropped off with a mouth full of fur.  Violet is one of the sweetest dogs you will ever meet and clearly patient too.

Between rounds, Maddie and Robbie played, loved and hugged Teddy.

Round 2 of Violet and Teddy saw more of Teddy doing the chasing and not doing much catching.

In between runs and romps came lots of love and more play.

In round 3, the kids had worn Teddy down, just a little and as the video shows, Violet was able to have some fun too.


A long fun day

We made sure Teddy got plenty of rest periods, including a nap at lunch.  There was lots more play and hugs.

As the day ended and the visitors left, Teddy was asleep before their car was at the bottom of the drive.

What a wonderful day for Teddy and all involved.

Vet Update

Teddy had his first vet visit last week and a second follow-up visit today.  Between visits, he has gained 2 pounds.  The vet staff think he is going to be a BIG dog.  That is fine with us.  We look forward to watching him grow.


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