2020 Pond Renovation

With everything else going on in 2020, we developed (or maybe just found) a leak in the farm pond located near our house. This had to be fixed and we are taking the opportunity while the heavy equipment is here to renovate the pond, back to its original state.

You can follow along on this adventure through some non-professional videos.

In the beginning…

A walk around the pond before the equipment moved in.

We had a rain delay so didn’t get started when planned. However, once started, things happened quickly. The video below is long and unedited, so feel free to skip around.

Day 2 but really the start of the machine work. Todd and his amazing excvator.

Major changes in just a few hours….

The second day bring big changes

And the third day…

Barry took a lot of video footage, but it really needs to be edited. No need to watch end-to-end, just skip around. When the snow flies maybe some editing will happen,

After another rain delay, Todd returned to accomplish what he could with the excavator. The ground was just to muddy to use the dozer. But by the end of the day we have a pond clear of cattails and a renovated dam and emergency spillway.

At this point we had to stop and wait for ground to dry. It may be days, weeks or even next spring before we can finish. However, the main goal of fixing the dam leak has been accomplished and we can look forward to our “new” pond.

Drying out and cleaning up…

Work continues as the debris is spread out and allowed to dry before work final grading and seeding.

Weather has turned against us. The big machines are done for now

Last of the dirt work

Some related work

Updating the pump house wiring had been on the agenda for the past couple of years. So when the power line from the utility pole to the pump house was cut during the dam clearing, it gave us a good reason to get the job done. Todd came out with his small excavator to dig a trench. The old line had been buried by hand and was close to surface. This time we placed it a couple of feet below ground and it should be good for another 40 years.

Barry tired his dowsing skills to locate the water line and had his work checked by Todd, who also used the dowsing technique. No water lines were damaged in this dig!

Stay tuned….