Surprise Spring Visitors And A Note From Teddy


Male & female red breasted grosbeaks

We are very lucky to have a large variety of birds that visit our backyard feeders.  Many stay year round and a few make a brief stop on their migration route.   One of our favorites is the rose breasted grosbeak.

Beautiful male grosbeak and his mate

This is the second year we have been lucky enough to attract these birds.  While we wish they would stay all spring and summer,  they are mostly likely headed north to cooler weather. We have spotted at least 5 males and 3 females.  The birds have been here several days and we hope they stay longer, but are happy to have even a short stay.

I think I saw a squirrel

And now a word from Teddy

Teddy has started kindergarten and asked that we post a note:

Dear Friends,

I am channeling this through “the man” because, well because I don’t have thumbs.  I know you want to know how my first day of school went.  First, I thought they said this was going to be kinder garden.  Let me tell you, it was no rose bush.

Anyway, I got the cage in the car treatment first thing.  No walk, no nothing.  I let them know how I felt about it too.  Do they really think this is the way I should be treated?  What did they do?  Ignored me, me!  We finally stopped and I was ready for anything.  Almost.

I was the first kid at school.  Figures.  So what was I supposed to do?  They take me to a cell and leave me where I can see everyone talking about me.  So I let them know what I thought of that – in the loudest terms I could.  The next thing I know, I’m being told we don’t do that here.  Well I do!

Or maybe not.  It seems HUSH is the key phrase of the day.  Then they were gone.  The rest of the morning is a blur.  Puppies everywhere and I can’t play with them.  I guess as the new kid I have to show I’m good company.

Finally, it is my turn to perform.  I guess that is what is going on.  I got something to eat for just doing simple stuff.  Nothing wrong with that.  But then it is lunch time (the tummy knows) and NOTHING happened.  Can you believe it!  They forgot to pack my lunch!  It that cruel or what?

The afternoon was more of the same.  If I did what they who must be obeyed said, I got a treat.  This to a starving puppy.  Anyway, I’ll do a lot for food.  Then suddenly I got to join the party with all the puppies.  Before long, my name is called and they are HERE.

But first I had to show how I’d spent me day.  No problem, as long as the food keeps coming.  Actually I’m pretty impressed with what I’d done on day one and I could tell they were too.

Suddenly I’m out in the free air and then back in the car cage – wait! Is that a food bowl??  So that is where my lunch was hiding.  OK, feeling better.  After a fine meal a puppy is entitled to say a few words.  Then there is that HUSH thing again.  OK, fine.  I’m too tired to fight.

Then we are home.  I even got a second dinner to make up for lunch.  I could get use to that.  But I’m hoping this thing is over.  Too much like work.  But I’ll let you know.  A guy never knows what might happen around here.


I’m beat